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Perfect Crimes is now available from

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No such thing as PERFECT CRIMES? Witness this whirlwind tour of dirty deeds, sinister scandals, and cold-blooded murder–done in the name of love, money, madness, and more–from around the world or right next door. All of these notoriously wicked characters overlooked a fatal flaw that brought their almost perfect crimes to light.
Japanese jet-setter Kazuyoshi Miura had a talent for making money, a taste for lizard-skin boots, and a lust for leading trusting young women like lambs to slaughter….
Mild-mannered maniac Jeffrey Dahmer wined his male guests with drugged drinks, and then dined on them–but the remains of his victims would tell tales of terror and torture that would shock the world….
From the Hollywood Hills to the Swiss Alps, Thomas Devins wheeled and dealed, thrilled and killed, and led the law through a game of global hopscotch in which he was always one step ahead….
For these and many others, crime didn’t quite pay off. But for true-crime aficionados, this classic collection is a jackpot!Perfect_Crimes_Cover_web

“Ladies Night” USA Network feature film

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Ladies Night on USA

You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Love Rabbi Ben

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Rabbi Ben mysteries

Cons by Pros: A Very Private Eye’s Casebook of Crime and Murder (“Ladies Night,” a movie about the search for a father-son serial killer team, is based on a chapter in this book)

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Cons by Pros Back-front--4+web

Fallen Angels: Chronicles of L.A. Crime and Mystery

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Tattooed Rabbi  front cover final.

Family Blood

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Family Blood: The True Story of the Yom Kippur Murders

Family Blood: The True Story of the Yom Kippur Murders

Link to a short video about “The Tattooed Rabbi”

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“The Tattooed Rabbi” on TV Confidential

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My latest novel is now available!

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           THE TATTOOED RABBI A Rabbi Ben Mystery

Time again for the mystery cosmos to embrace a new rabbinic sleuth.  Rabbi David Small’s 1964 Friday the Rabbi Slept Late earned author Harry Kemelman an Edgar and led to eleven bestsellers. Now meet Marvin J. Wolf’s Rabbi Ben, master of Torah, Talmud and Taekwondo, computer whiz and student of human nature.

A knight errant and roving troubleshooter, Ben’s clients invite him to peer into places where police are unwelcome and discretion is paramount. In The Tattooed Rabbi he’s hired by a troubled suburban Los Angeles synagogue who discover $3 million in a rarely-used temple’s bank account. They wonder if their prayers have been answered—until the millions evaporate as mysteriously as they appeared.

Ben is young, single and handsome—in a short, redheaded way. The congregation’s divorcees and unhappy wives scheme to extend his stay, preferably in their beds. Ben gently fends off their advances; he harbors as many secrets as the synagogue leadership.

Just when Ben discovers that little is as it seems at Temple Beit Joseph, he’s arrested for the murder of the synagogue’s beautiful administrator. Released for lack of evidence, he plunges into a dangerous, confusing world of mirrors where friends become foes and no one can be trusted. His investigation leads him to a decrepit cemetery, an mysteriously opaque private bank, a shofar-blowing, part-Korean but all-Jewish cabinet-maker, a Latino gang-banger, and the ultimate in money laundering techniques. Along the way this heroic but very human character survives a hit-and-run murder attempt, defuses a bomb in his living room and wriggles out of an intended early grave.

Wonderfully written, The Tattooed Rabbi’s  penetrates the synagogue’s inner sanctum and illuminates 21st Century Judaism. Its terrific, twisting plot and compelling, finely-drawn characters are accessible to every reader. You don’t have to be Jewish to be enthralled by Rabbi Ben’s audacity, inventiveness and courage.



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